Ford GT Recalled For Possible Fire Risk And Fluid Leak

Ford GT Recalled For Possible Fire Risk And Fluid LeakIt appears no vehicle, regardless of how exclusive or high-performing in volume, is immune to recalls. The newest instance is the supercar Ford GT, which will be recalled owing to an issue that can result in a fire.

Ford claims that hydraulic valves below the adjustable rear wing of GT can leak hydraulic fluid. The fluid might leak onto the exhaust, which can lead to a fire if the exhaust has high temperature. In fact, Ford claims that it has a report of just similar fire taking place in Germany in a Ford GT. Fortunately that fire did not pose any injuries or accidents.

To treat the recall, dealers will add a software upgrade to the Ford GT. The update is developed to avoid “extreme” pressure of hydraulic-fluid from building up at the impacted valves. Some vehicles may also get new hydraulic fluid check-valve and pump O-rings too, if they are not already integrated with the hardware.

Speaking of Ford, the firm aims to cut $14 Billion in prices over the period of upcoming 5 Years, Jim Hackett, Chief Executive Officer, claimed to the sponsors. He also told that the 2nd largest automaker in the U.S. might shift capital spending away from internal combustion engines and sedans to design more hybrid and electric cars as well as trucks.

Many of those savings will not display up on bottom line of Ford until 2020 and 2019, other Ford executives along with Hackett claimed, mirroring the extended product engineering lead times of the industry. Ford would be open to additional joint ventures to increase the risks and costs of concurrently developing new services and technology while mixing out profit from trading sport utility vehicles and trucks in North America, Hackett claimed to the media at the time of an almost 2-hour meeting.

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