Cigarette Smokers In US Lowest Since 1965

Cigarette Smokers In US Lowest Since 1965Encouraging data released by the Center for Disease Control show that smoking tobacco has reduced drastically in the United States and now is down to 14 from 40% in the mid 1960’s. Calling it a major win for public health, Brain King a senior author of the report said that only 47.4 million Americans smoked tobacco in 2017 that accounts for 17% of the nation’s population. He believes that this change was due to policy interventions like smoke-free zones in public places and spurt in the prices of tobacco products that deterred people from continuing the habit.

The data that have been used for National Health Interview Survey, which includes information collected from 27742 adults with a response rate of 53%. Researchers studied the five common types of tobacco products being used across the country like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco and discovered that declines have been witnessed in all categories. Mr. King concluded that though these figures are encouraging there are still 47 million that are consuming tobacco products in some way or another and disparities in these groups about the kind of tobacco they use makes it difficult to collate figures.

The study revealed that while 14% Americans are still smoking cigarettes, 3.8 are smoking cigars while 2.8 are vaping or using e-cigarettes while 2.1% are using smokeless tobacco products. While 24.8% males smoke when compared to 14.2% females, the highest risk group is young and middle aged people between the age groups of 25 and 44 that account for 22.5% of smokers. Senior citizens in the age group of 60 and above smoke the least and account for just 11 percent. Research figures show that Southerners and Midwesterners smoked more than others and account for 20.8% to 23.5% while only 15.6/15.9% of Northeasters   and Westerners smoked.

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