• James Richardson

    James is a computer science graduate with over 7 years experience as an online news editor with some of the best names in publishing. Gadgets have always attracted James and while consumer gadgets served as a starting point, research in this field attracted him. This led him to team up with professionals from science, health and other industries and start News Observer.
  • Maheen McMahon

    With multiple research papers under her belt, Maheen has been a science geek from her school days. She covers research in scientific gadgets that lead to new discovery as well as gadgets that make life of scientists simple.
  • Sindy Thompson

    From a health background, Sindy covers gadgets research taking place in the health and lifestyle segment. She has played instrumental role in development of News Observer.
  • Yhumi Tsun

    Yhumi is keen on novel technologies and how they can help people with their day to day lives. Startups has the been thing for Yhumi and she loves covering their work, technologies, research and lot more.